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Hey, I’m Dr. Bryan Scott with Scott’s Pharmacy and I am a compounding pharmacist. When standard medications don’t work. We can work with you and your physician to formulate a customized medication specifically for you.

This lecture series is about Female Sexual Dysfunction. Now this is a complex issue. A woman may not want to have sex because it hurts (intercourse is actually painful), she literally may not think about sex throughout the day, or it could be a hormonal imbalance and that is what this lesson is about. Hormonal imbalance and female sexual dysfunction.

AS women age they go through menopause which is when their hormones begin to decline. Women can have the same situation if they have a hysterectomy early in life which can be considered a surgical menopause.

Low levels of hormones result in different symptoms, and each can affect a woman’s intimacy. For instance. When you don’t have enough estrogen you can see hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. So ladies, think about it. If it hurts to have sex because of the vaginal dryness or its at night and your partner is looking to have sex, but IF you are having night sweats -do you think you are going to be sexual?

Let’s talk about progesterone. In adequate progesterone can lead to mood swings, anxiousness, irritability, and depression. Now this works both ways because if you are that irritable your partner may not want to be intimate with you, but, these types of mental spaces don’t often lead to sexual intimacy.

DHEA is a pro hormone, which means it turns into all of the other hormones. DHEA is very much tied to stress and if our stress levels are of the meter then DHEA will decline and push us further into hormonal imbalance.

Lastly, let’s talk about testosterone. This is the hormone that tells your brain about sex. Often when I mention testosterone women say, “are you calling me man?”. No, I am not. Both women and men have testosterone its just that men have a lot more.

When women are low in testosterone, I often times here – I don’t think about sex AT ALL. Correcting testosterone imbalance can go a long way to getting that sexual desire back.

So to recap. Hormonal imbalance can affect your sexual life in a variety of ways. Low levels of testosterone in particular can decrease a woman’s desire to have sex. If you have a lack of desire to have sex with your partner. GET YOUR HORMONES CHECKED. We can work with your doctor to customize a hormone formula to balance your hormone.


Female Sexual Dysfunction Lecture Series

Sexual dysfunction in women is a complex issue. It can be due to painful intercourse, a woman may literally never think about sex or she may not enjoy sex because she never reaches that moment of climax

In this lecture series we will discuss ways to improve vaginal dryness, increase sex drive or libido and lastly ways to help a woman climax.

As with all of our lecture series I guarantee you will learn something you did not know.

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