Overwhelmed & Tired? One Wellness Place Stress Balance & Energy Can Help!

One Wellness Place Stress Balance & Energy

Are you stressed out and literally can’t get out of bed? Then One Wellness Place Stress Balance and energy is the supplement for you.    

Remember Stress will wreak havoc on your body.  It can lead to emotional distress, affect your weight, your sleep, zap you of vital energy and lead to a variety of serious health conditions. 

When we are under stress our bodies release cortisol from the adrenal gland. Prolonged stress can cause the adrenal gland to become burned out and not function properly.  

In previous lessons we have talked about other products that contain herbs and nutrients that are designed to help your body adapt to stress.

In this lesson I would I like to talk about the product One Wellness Place Stress Balance & Energy.  This is a glandular product.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that this product contains adrenal glands from New Zealand Cows.  This product also contains B-Vitamins and DHEA which further helps the body adapt to stress. 

This product is designed for those people who are stressed to the max, extremely fatigued and want feel better quickly.

Now remember this is a glandular product and is not for those people who are vegetarian or vegan. 

If you are stressed to the max and find it hard to make it through the day and you have no dietary restrictions then One Wellness Place Stress Balance & Energy is the product for you. 

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