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Oxytoxin Nasal Spray

we can work with your physician to customize an oxytocin nasal spray that in some studies have shown to increase sexual contentment

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Hey, I’m Dr. Bryan Scott with Scott’s Pharmacy and this lecture series is about female sexual dysfunction. In this lecture series we will talk about female sexual dysfunction and its relationship to painful intercourse, hormonal imbalance, lack of desire, lack of climax and stress.

Quick question. Have you heard of oxytocin? Don’t worry if you haven’t because this is what we are discussing today.

Oxytocin is usually referred to as the love hormone and has been researched in a variety of conditions like lactation, uterine contractions during labor, social bonding, autism.

Oxytocin has also been shown to help with female sexual dysfunction.

Does it work?

Studies have shown that an oxytocin nasal spray given 35 minutes prior to sex increased a woman’s orgasm intensity, sexual contentment, and improvement of depression in those women that were depressed.

If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction and have looked at the other issues we discussed in the previous lecture then a compounded oxytocin nasal spray is a great option.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Lecture Series

Sexual dysfunction in women is a complex issue. It can be due to painful intercourse, a woman may literally never think about sex or she may not enjoy sex because she never reaches that moment of climax

In this lecture series we will discuss ways to improve vaginal dryness, increase sex drive or libido and lastly ways to help a woman climax.

As with all of our lecture series I guarantee you will learn something you did not know.

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