3 Reasons You May NEED A Multiple Vitamin

High Quality Multiple Vitamins From Vinco Labs

Do I Need A Multiple Vitamin?

This is a loaded question with many different answers.  Some “medical establishment” types will say the only benefit from a multiple vitamin will be a fluorescent urine.  Many “food from the earth” types will say you can get all nutrients you need from a healthy diet.  Then there are those that agree with the previous two, but still believe MOST PEOPLE NEED A QUALITY MULITIPLE VITAMIN.

Hello, I’m Dr. Bryan Scott and let’s a few reasons you NEED a multiple vitamin. 

Number 1 – Most Americans have a SAD diet, you know the STANDARD AMERICAN DIET.  Its packed with processed foods, fatty foods, fried foods, and most of the foods have been stripped of their nutritional value. 

Taking a multiple vitamin can provide those vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that you may  not be getting in your diet, especially if it is the SAD Diet.

Number 2 – Most Americans don’t have a lot of variety in their diet.  Most people eat the same 4 meals every week.  Remember different foods even in the same food group can have very different nutritional content. Let’s take a lot at the nutritional content of some popular green leafy vegetables. When it comes to iron, spinach has 3x as much as collard greens, and 2x as much as kale.

And let’s not even talk about Vitamin C, Kale is killing it !!!

Basically even if you eat a lot of leafy vegetables, chances are you are eating the same green leafy vegetables every day, a good multiple vitamin can go a long way to replacing those vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you are missing by not eating a variety of different food groups.

Number 3 – Reducing the amount of food you eat or removing entire food groups can result in nutrient deficiencies.  If you are using medications to lose weight or if you are a vegan or vegetarian a good multiple vitamin can go along way to replace those vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you may be missing as a result of your specified diet.   

At Scott’s Pharmacy we recommend Men’s and Women’s Multi from Vinco Labs.  Both are a 2 pills a day multiple vitamin regimen.

Both are formulated to supplement daily vitamin, mineral, and nutrient needs and they both contain natural digestive enzymes to help with the absorption of those nutrients.  Both also have ginkgo, and ginseng to help with memory and energy.

Men’s multi also contains herbs like saw palmetto to promote prostate health, while Women’s multi contains herbs like black cohash, chaste berry, and wild yam root to promote hormonal balance.

If any of the above reasons apply to you, try Men’s Multi or Women’s Multi from vinco health for better health. 

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