How Scott’s Pharmacy Med Packs Can Help The Caregiver

Did you know every year  125,000 people die because they are not taking their medications properly?  While this number sounds alarming non compliance with medications is quite common

An extreme example of this, was one of our customers who would literally dump all of her pills in plastic bin and just take a handful of different pills a couple of times a day.  I was even shocked by that!

Reasons for non compliance include

  • A person not knowing why they are taking the medication.  When people do not understand how their medications fits into their health and wellness they are less likely to take it.
  • The timing of frequency of the doses is way to complex.  We know that compliance and adherence drops dramatically when people have to remember to sort and organize multiple medications at different times of the day
  • They forget to get refills because they are getting multiple medications at different times of the month.  Different pills are running out at different times and they may forget to get them refilled.

It can be extremely challenging caring for a loved one who is on multiple medications.  There are multiple doctors, complex schedules, and often multiple trips to the pharmacy. 

Scott’s Pharmacy’s Med Packs are designed to make taking multiple medications easy.  Your medications are filled at the same time every month and we sort and organize them by date and time.

No more multiple pill bottles or trips to the pharmacy.  Instead of spending valuable time filling weekly medication pill boxes you can have more special moments with your loved one. 

If you feel Scott’s Med Packs can help you or your loved one give us a call.

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Dr. Bryan W. Scott – Pharmacist

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