Looking for a reason to support a small business? Well, here you go!

Hey, I’m Dr Bryan with Scott’s Pharmacy, and today I want to talk about supporting local small businesses.

A person asked me the other day. “Do I really need to support small businesses?”

Here are a few reasons. Did you know that there are 30 million small businesses in the United States?
That counts for roughly 90% of all businesses. Imagine if all of them failed or closed. That would dramatically
reduce our options.

The other thing is 45% of all employees work for a small business. When you support small businesses in your community – you are literally supporting your local economy.

Another reason is… We’re your neighbors – we’re your church members- we’re invested in this community.

For every one hundred dollars you spend in a small business, sixty-eight dollars of those hundred dollars
stays right there in that community.

Small businesses also contribute to local charities. We contribute to your boy scouts, your girl scouts, your civic organizations, your churches, and more.

Remember small businesses need your support.

When you become a customer of Scott’s Pharmacy, you are not part of the family.  We will always care for you like we care for our own.  

In addition to being a full service pharmacy that offers free delivery we also offer the following services

  • Compounding / Customized Medications
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritional Supplements
  • Compliance Packaging (Med Packs)
  • High Quality CBD
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