You Can Conquer This Allergy Season

Natural D-Hist From Ortho Molecular Products

It’s allergy season and unfortunately that means that the pollen count is going up which probably has you feeling down.

If you are like me, you have tried this nasal spray, that nasal spray, this anti histamine, that anti his

Hey, I’m Dr. Bryan Scott with Scott’s Pharmacy and spring is upon us.  Many people are jumping for joy, but if you are like me then you are thinking about the pollen count. 

If you experience itchy eyes, runny nose, or other symptoms during this time, then this is the product to try. 

Natural D-Hist is an herbal nutritional supplement that is blocks the release of histamine from your cells and promotes healthy nasal airways.

You don’t have to suffer this allergy season.  Give natural D-Hist and try and enjoy the outdoors

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